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Asphalt is often a more affordable choice than concrete and can be adjusted to the right level of thickness for your paving project. Our experts know how to make sure the rock base and subgrade are at the right level to ensure that your asphalt project will enjoy a long life.  It is still recommended to coat your asphalt every year.

Your asphalt needs to be able to stand up to a lot of abuse from the weather and heavy vehicles driving on it, and this is something that we strive to provide on all asphalt projects.

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Instead of having to replace an entire area of asphalt, you can often have us complete resurfacing or an overlay job over the existing asphalt. This means putting about 2" of asphalt over the pavement that has been cleaned and primed. Occasionally, we will have to put down some fiber matting between the layers to ensure the asphalt is solid.

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