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Asphalt is made to be strong and sturdy but is also at the mercy of hot days in the summer and cold days in the winter. Add in all the fuel, salt, water, and oil that are distributed by vehicles as they drive on it, and your asphalt is going to need some extra protection. Seal coating the asphalt helps give it a longer life and our professional team only uses the best commercial grade materials and equipment.


Seal Coating is one of the preventative maintenance steps that you should take to give your pavement a longer life and also make it look better at the same time.  The seal coat that we use is sprayed on in a couple of coats and makes your asphalt look black again. It will also provide a barrier against wear and tear and from the elements of weather.



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Seal Coating is recommended a year after new asphalt is laid. After this, you should have it done every other year. This will keep your asphalt looking great for years.

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